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it's really happening.

we found a house.
our realtor has been so top-notch at her job, that it doesn't even feel like we're doing anything. it's a huge blessing with husband working & my schooling keeping us busy every day until late.

the tweak-outs come and go, and it's been extremely difficult telling my mind we're not renting a house, we're buying it. you are allowed to remodel, liz. do it up. anyway, i don't know. it's weird.

but you can be sure, by the end of next month, we're going to be owners eeeeeeee!


"whitewashed" by keri weber, kresge art center

ok how cool is miss keri weber.
there's something very alice falling through the rabbit hole happening here. something part nostalgic, part curious. i wandered the galleries today for an assignment & was immediately taken by this. weber used only two mediums, which excited me down to my toes. i'm a lover of the simple and adore her raw approach. while others heavily embraced "all media," weber was able to dramatically create something with only books & white paint.

you know, you don't really see piles of books in a lover's study anymore (on the tv set/silver screen); there's not a lot of klaus baudelaires left or pagemasters. it's all kindles & nooks & interwebs. maybe that's part of why this speaks to me. just like my sister, i'm paper books to the end. it's the feel of the page, the smell of the book, the ink pressed into the paper, the texture of the cover. it just dang feels good. it's not the same to swaddle yourself in fleece & wool, nurse a mug of hot toddy, and curl up with a sleek screen (not to say i'm a technophobe, there's just some deeply rooted preferences of the old world mixed in with my digital love affair. and i don't care how many books the ereader holds, not when i'm working towards the library beast gave belle).

honestly, the more i look at it, the more deeply i fall in love. it's really exciting to be moved by a predecessors work.



a few of my most favorite illustrators...



a week ago husband and i have spent two years waking up to each other. to celebrate, we secretly stole away back to the sleepy harbor town where we were married. 

we trekked out to a deserted part of the beach and spent the morning watching the sunrise & acting like fools in the water. we'd drift in & out of naps & embrace being unplugged. the feeling was so overpowering we couldn't stop staring into the sky & the water like we were stoned. 

afterwards, we wound up heading into the city with sand on our skin to consume latt├ęs & dream of next steps together (houses & dogs, ladies & gents).

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i'm in love with it. i used a lotta jansdotter pattern & adapted it to fit my personal graphites & charcoals. made of linen, it's simple & lovely & just how i imagined it would turn out. if you'd love to have one of your own, it's pulled from her simple sewing book. or, chances are, if i get wired on caffeine & overplay the wombats, i just might make you one.