summers ago, i was going with a guy who took me to grand lake where ritualistically, his old group of friends would gather every year for an endless summer at a lakehouse owned by one of their grandmothers. she was a quick-witted, spirited woman who shared my name & would specifically make my beau pineapple upside-down cake every year. her young mind certainly surpassed her age, which made me admire this fun-loving stranger the moment i met her.

i'll never forget how time stopped that summer. we loaded up with provisions from jimmie garant's & headed north. hours we spent out on the lake, listening to spoon & reminiscent stories before heading to the local pub for salty margaritas & shooting pool.

grandma elizabeth had several teensy cottages dotting the long drive up to her house. we'd spread out between them & spend our nights falling asleep to rustling leaves & wake to the sound of the lake lapping against the bank.

the afternoon we'd all be leaving for home was spent tossing a frisbee on the front lawn between goodbyes. i never wanted to leave. sometimes i think i never did.

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