good things

i've started a project with my sister who's living in colorado. she needs me to handcraft a portfolio similar to this kickyouinthethroatfantastic job by field theories. one day i'd like an original for my own work. (who wouldn't yeah?)

here are some other projects i'm eyeing:

these terraniums (so that vertical garden... i can't kill that.)
something to light up our patio on balmy summer nights
a cheeky update for our apartment using this or this
and something to label herbs by when pottering around

enjoy your creative outlets friends. and sit out in the sun.


something to celebrate

jillian vratanina took this shot. we were all in school, my boyfriend would graduate the following year, and then we'd be off.

which is exactly what happened my friends. the boyfriend proposed and we left without my bachelors. we were moving constantly for his career which turned my life into a dastardly story of hindsight making me its b-word.


last month husband was relocated back to east lansing.
this girl applied to state & was accepted back with open arms.
do i feel old? yes. do i wish i had more inner direction when i was a freshman? yes. will it matter when i'm 40? not a chance.

so here's to second chances. here's to having your cake and eating it too. and here's a very special cheers to super seniors.


ready to wear: coral & grey

coral & grey
how much i love basking in warm weather, i really love my jeans. you know, that one pair that fits you like a glove and you haven't washed in 100 something weeks. but i'll be ok saying sayonara for the season when walking out in a floaty number & chunky heels.

look composed using polyvore


odosketch you lovely

artists from top left: rollzz // sergiosponto // mikey_kun // anlasabiliriz

i checked out odosketch via creature comforts and had to gawk. the talent is insane. my favorites are above & look like indie album art. search through a ton of beautiful work (or doodle if you're like me and are easily amused by just spinning the pencil).


original + brilliant.

his video for somebody that i used to know is bitchin. 

nuff said.


ink moma

i'd like a little tattoo. but secretly (well, no not really) the thought of the pain makes me woozy and back out. but i still daydream of husband and me running off to panama, getting crunked and bumbling into a tattoo parlour.

photo credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


i took a wintery walk this morning along the south shore of Lake Lansing. it's lovely this time of year; i can't wait to get back to explore further. time to daydream up a canoe & a feather headdress.