what to gift newlyweds?

husband's cousin is tying the knot tomorrow, so we've packaged together a pretty little parcel. my favorite way to send a wedding wish is with a beautiful, well-written note and a monetary gift. the expected wrapped blender never stood out in any crowd, and there's never been a couple that didn't appreciate adding to their honeymoon pot. but, to put the sweet icing on the cake, i love attaching a unique gift like precious measuring spoons or an inscribed cookbook worthy of passing on to grandchildren for a truly memorable wedding present. so i've put together a little guide of my favorite treats & cards for happy couples.
anthropologie - a favorite go-to. i love gifting this darling cake server bottle opener,  or these paint-dipped utensils.
a cookbook - for the foodies who would be deeply grateful, i love gifting julia child or mark bittman's how to cook everything. otherwise, williams-sonoma's bride & groom cookbook is always a treasure.
recipe cards by rifle paper co.
the art of the handwritten note - a beautiful little book that shows how to keep heartfelt, handwritten correspondence in our lives for those who love to write, and those who don't.

rifle paper co.
vera wang fine stationary
quill and fox - while she doesn't have wedding-specific greeting cards, her whimsical artwork is perfect for the occasion and any anti-bride.

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