guess what!! (i'm grinning and finding it hard to swallow. or breathe.)
somehow we've stumbled upon a realtor, and she's showing us nine houses tomorrow. nine! we're actually going house hunting! i mean, this is what grown-ups do -- responsible, rational grown-ups -- is it seriously my turn?

you can imagine my dizzying excitement thinking of ripping up old flooring, painting & wallpapering, designing & decorating et cetera, et cetera.
but i am trying to stay focused. i am. mold, liz. pests. gas lines & central air. roofing. but honestly, i'm just too giddy to concentrate. it all just needs to sink in.

and whatever happened to my peter plan complex? my inner fear of planting roots? when did that leave?

at any rate, put on your dancing shoes, loves. we're officially looking for our first home together.

photo found over here via Happenstance.

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